The worlds favourite whiskies

Bear in mind a case is usually 6 bottles, though not always the case! (confused? Read on) Blends are still number one in sales overall. My own favourites are not in here, I am normally a single malt man. Out of these listed below I have tried and liked; Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, Ballantine’s and William Lawson’s, but no way do they compare (to me) with single malts, or – some unique blends I have tried lately. It may be a surprise to some how high up in the tables are the French! FRANCE 85.9 million pounds in 6 months. OR 198,117,427 bottles.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Sales in 2017: 18.1m cases Popular in…: Duty free, US, Mexico, Brazil Owner: Diageo

Ballantine’s Ballantine’s Finest Sales in 2017: 6.7m cases Popular in…: France, Poland, Spain, Germany Owner: Chivas Brothers/Pernod Ricard

Grant’s Sales in 2017: 4.5m cases Popular in…: France, UK, Poland  Owner: William Grant & Sons

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Sales in 2017: 4.4m cases Popular in…: Duty free, China, US, Japan Owner: Chivas Brothers/Pernod Ricard

J&B Sales in 2017: 3.3m cases Popular in…: Spain, France, South Africa Owner: Diageo

Famous Grouse Bourbon Cask Sales in 2017: 3.04m cases Popular in…: UK, duty free, US Owner: Edrington

William Lawson’s Sales in 2017: 3.04m cases Popular in…: France, Russia, Mexico Owner: Bacardi

William Peel Sales in 2017: 3.03m cases Popular in…: France Owner: Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits  ‘William who?’ the best-selling whisky in the country that drinks more Scotch than any other on the planet: France.

Dewar’s 12 Year Old Sales in 2017: 2.5m cases Popular in…: US, Spain, duty free  Owner: Bacardi

Black & White Sales in 2017: 2.3m cases Popular in…: Brazil, Mexico, India, South Africa Owner: Diageo