Peter Mackay at Excel in Perth

Age is but a number, a whisky tasting with Carn Mor in Perth

Age is but a number, they must have been thinking about me! A whisky evening at Exel in Perth, with Peter MacKay (Morrison MacKay), Keron and Denise of Exel, whisky lovers, plus myself – dragged kicking and screaming  at 6.15. Hello’s out of the way, why am I always first to arrive? Peter started us off right away with a dram of Original Old Perth; I do like it. It is a blend of malts, no grain here. Mainly an Aultmore and now up to batch 5, says it all eh! We started the tasting off properly with a Carn Mor Strictly Limited bottle of Glen Garioch, like my second wife, this had great legs, non chill no colour added, just a very good 5 yo, 46%, one of only 665 bottles from 2 Bourbon casks – obviously the Devil had bottle 666. Next was a Strictly Benrinnes, hoggie casks, most of this distillery liquid goes to JW Black, so M&M have rescued it from a fate worse than death. Followed by another Strictly – Dufftown 7 yo, 46%, wood from an Austrian wine cask no less, I had to drink it, people were looking at me. Our final Strictly was a nice dram from a Sherry Shipper (butt) – Glenrothes, what I call a “kind whisky”, easy and even a novice would love it.

questions for Peter at our dram tasting

Then I was forced to accept a 21 year old Mortlach – they made me do it. The majority of this product ends up wasted in a JW, a real waste. One of my all time favourite drams, with a cult following. I certainly follow it, like a donkey after a carrot on a stick, by far the star of the night for me (and Keron). It’s no often I get my hands on a 21 year old these days, this was bottled only a week and a half ago, I should have bought a bottle!  Oh well all good things come to an end, we ended with Big Strand, named after a beach on Islay, yup, an Islay single malt and a grand 5 yo.  Peter is a great host, informative, humorous and knowledgeable, and human, unlike a certain bible person I could mention. This evening went down well, very well and it shows age is not everything. More about personal choice, experience and enjoyment of the drams, friends and surroundings, which leads me to a question often asked; what is my favourite dram? Answer; the one you buy me next of course.  A good evening of fun and drams over 2.5 hours, many thanks to Peter, Keron and Denise, by the way, 4 August is a wine tasting and 19 August their own whisky festival – HEAD TO PERTH, DINNAE SPARE THE HORSES.  Exel Wines, Perth.

Blogged by the happy drammer Paul McLean. The day before World Whisky day 2017, Perth is always first!