One of our clients has been kind enough to allow us to reproduce in full an email they sent to a fellow whisky loving friend along with their photos. While we love all feedback good or bad, we are delighted to share their experience…


“This week I had the luxury of spending twenty four hours in the marvellous region of Speyside. As a budding fanatic I was thrilled to be shown the root of several of my favourite drams.”

“Paul and Liz selecting the most adorable accommodation in Elgin. Historic and classic, this quaint hotel has open fire places, heavy curtains and creeky doors, the ideal setting for an atmospheric whisky tasting.”

“Paul brought a selection of unusual whiskies from his private collection including some extremely niche spirits paired with chocolates! We sampled drams from across the globe, the most surprising spirit was actually all the way from Paul John Distillery in Goa, India! This particular one was less than seven years old, mellow and peated, at 59.7% it was exceptionally smooth, delicious. My top three drams were definitely Speyburn, Octomore and Balvenie 22!”

“Thursday morning was beautiful – a perfect cold, sunny Scottish day to explore the best of Speyside distilleries. First stop was Cardhu, the first distillery in Scotland built and run by a woman – what a sister! We sampled three single malts, the Amber Rock and the Special Reserve were particularly memorable. Special thanks to Lorraine for a lovely tour, a great addition to this distillery was the takeaway drams and the nosing of malts.”

“Our travels took us next to Macallan, who are currently in the process of building their new distillery. Coming from such a traditional distillery like Cardhu to the modern giant that is Macallan was quite a jump. I was pleasantly surprised by the Sienna, an incredibly rich whisky which appealed to my sweet tooth- definitely worth the stop for this dram alone!”


“The highlight of my day was without a doubt Speyside Cooperage. The video played at the beginning of the tour sets the scene beautifully and the photography is stunning. I was completely fascinated with the Coopers, their skill and speed. Towards the end of the visit I had a go at making my own cask, surprisingly I was actually good at it. There may be a career as a Cooper for me yet.”

“After a few more wee drams in the car and lunch at Glenfiddich (poshest toilets in the world) we found ourselves at Glenmoray for a tasting! Glenmoray is the biggest selling whisky in France, it is clear why – delicious whiskies with incredibly memorable flavours. Their port finish stood out to me particularly as it reminded me of strawberry jam. Now all I need is the rice pudding to drizzle the whisky over.”

“As the sun went down, our final distillery was Strathisla, picturesque and beautiful, it felt more like visiting a five star hotel than a distillery. Strathisla’s own single malt was lovely, I will most definitely go back to sample their currently maturing Japanese oak cask whisky.”

“After an extremely busy trip Paul and Liz chattered the entire journey home as the final drams began to send me off to sleep! Aside from the vast amount of new knowledge I have acquired from the dynamic duo I now have a new found respect for Coopers and those who can drink over twenty drams in a day.”

“Can say witout a doubt, that this has been an exceptional trip around Speyside with even more exceptional company!”

Thanks so much for letting us know your thoughts on our trip!