Which whisky distillery offers the best food?

Having been to many, many whisky distilleries, which one has the best food on offer?

Ardbeg for me takes top dog, a fabulous menu, with tempting starters, mains and puddins! Their menu includes great fish plates, seafood, burgers, surf & turf and deserts. It reads like a big smile on a piece of paper! They also have excellent background music Creedence Clearwater Revival when I was there last. If I were Jim Murray (thank the Lord I am NOT) I would give them 99/100, and the girls are all pretty too! Glenfiddich has a lunch menu, small but perfect, especially the haggis and the cheese selection, soups are good and cakes to die for, very nice staff and a great bar. Glenlivet, easy going a wee bit limited choice but all is good – soups, baked tatties, sandwiches and cakes, lots of drinks. Really good but not in the same bracket as Ardbeg.

Ardbeg Distillery food options are included in a large menu of deliciousness

Edradour, they don’t have any facilities here for food but as one of my favourite visits I must include them, Tunnock cakes and biscuits, crisps and shortbread but, and it’s a big but, the bar drams far outweigh the lack of food! Macallan new distillery, café is a wee bit dark, havnee eaten here yet but will do soon, the fact that they have a café is good. Aberfeldy, limited menu, sarnies, cakes, drinks etc. They have facilities but not a large choice, but we have pals here so like going!

So the jury was not out long, the winner by a mile was Ardbeg. I will have eaten here three times in as many months, love the drams, the food and the craic. Do you, our reader have anything to add?  Let Liz know  liz@mcleanscotland.co.uk

Cocktails available at the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay