Highland Distilleries

Glenmorangie Distillery

Glenmorangie, Ingvar got into the Light house, all the way up to the top, an experimental distillery this, watch that space. He learned a lot there, so no just me on an educational tour! Good set of drams, main distillery a good tour, huge still necks.



GlenWyvis Distillery

Glen Wyvis, a wee place very local community driven, still a bit new for releases if am honest, another distillery with gin. If you are a whisky bagger, then make the trip here, will be keeping an eye on this.


Glen Wyvis Distillery stills

Brora Distillery

Brora with Jackie Robertson, lovely lady, met her when she was at Talisker. What a great distillery this is now functional again, this will become one of my favourites if any of our guests can afford the £500/£1000 fee.


Brora Distillery one of many whisky distileries on the east of Scotland

Dalwhinnie Distillery

The highest above sea level in Scotland, a Diageo one again, so you do tend to get the same patter and jokes from the guides as many others in their stable, a shame. Try the taster drams platters – great if you are short on time. We like the idea of tasting drams with chocolates without doing the full tour, something different from Diageo. A great place to stop en route to Speyside.



Clynelish Distillery

The bar and tasting areas were superb as was the new shop, will be back there soon also. A decent tour here, Diageo have pumped money into this one.


The outside of Clynelish Distillery, which sits next to Brora Distillery

Balblair Distillery

We drove down to see John at Balblair, I have too many favourites, this being another, we sat in his office, Ingvar with a few drams, John and myself with a green tea! Great location, super staff, nice shop and tasting rooms, really good t our and warehouses – featured in the movie Angels Share.


Teaninich Distillery

Teaninich I have a dyslexia problem with this, cannee pronounce it! Big cold place, been shut down for a good while. It was opened specially for myself and Ingvar, it is vast.

Royal Lochnagar Distillery

Another Diageo, this is one I like a lot. It’s near the German Queen’s place I know but well, if you can sidetrack that castle and just go to the distillery, great! It’s got a good tour, a nice shop, a very good tasting room and the tour is different from other Diageo’s. It’s not computer run, that’s the thing I like and that’s what makes it different and likable to me. Diageo take a lot of their staff here on training days, it’s a good old fashioned distillery.


Royal Lochnagar plaque

Old Pulteney Distillery

Deborah took me on a personally guided tour, gave me all the info and low downs, even a cup of tea! I think she felt sorry for me, I was soaking wet and it was snowing outside with real high winds. I even got a lift back to my hotel, fantastic girls here, going back soon. Good tour, fab drams, our pal Ian Horne has everything they have bottled over the recent years.


Ardross Distillery

Ardross, money has been spent here and it shows, this will be closed to the public, a shame as it looks very good, an old farm steading type of set up, a million litre capacity, known Sandy from Spey days. He’s no changed! We enjoyed it here, easier to find our way out than in!


Dalmore Distillery

Dalmore, another one closed to the public for ages. Let Ingvar loose here, I stayed and looked at the oil rigs and ducks, saw barrels loaded onto a truck, destined for where? He must have had a few drams, he was away 2.5 hours! A distillery that has told us they will open to the public again soon. I really like the still room here, all different!


dalmore highland single malt

The Glen Ord Distillery

Glen Ord The Singleton of Glen Ord distillery – come on Diageo, is it Glen Ord or Singleton?

On the Black Isle (which is not an island) in the Scottish Highlands, it sits on a stretch of land that had been in the possession of Clan Mackenzie for nearly 700 years, when Thomas Mackenzie built the distillery in 1838. The new Singleton whisky visitor experience is inspired by a passion for making perfect whisky Based within the Glen Ord Distillery, confused? Aye so are we, there are 3 distilleries making Singleton!


Tomatin Distillery

Tomatin, You will be taken on a walk through time, from 1897 through to the 1970s, to the present day. Finishing with a tasting of three single malts, Tomatin Legacy, Tomatin 12 year old and a lightly peated sister brand, Cù Bòcan Signature. We did the Legacy tour. Go and do it yourself!


Tomatin Distillery south of Inverness

Oban Distillery

My home town so can I really slam it? Well no, it’s a Diageo distillery it’s good, interesting, but I do feel you get a similar tour at many Diageo distilleries – but Liz really enjoyed it.

However, I love the drink, it is on my top ten list of single malts. It is situated within spitting distance of the bay, looking to another favourite of mine, Mull. Now there’s a different distillery! Oban Little Bay my favourite; A dense mouth feel sugary and minty, warming, richly fruited malt loaf. Recently bought the Teddy, a Maclean tribute.



Wolfburn Distillery

N Visited in February, a distillery on a small scale. It sits in Thurso and is now the most northern distillery on the Scottish mainland. Shane showed me around and we had a good chat – all credit to the owners and staff for bringing this distillery alive, it’s not got a visitor centre, but I was told we could bring wee tours in, excellent! We were there with 28 Fins, they all got a taste of various new makes, whisky, get one if you can!


Wolfburn Distillery, the most northern distillery on the Scottish mainland

Loch Lomond Distillery

A closed to the public distillery, when I took a tour here I was flabergasted, a malt distillery with grain right next door, under the same roof, the stills use towers/columns for 4 stills and is really unusual. The SWA call them Lomond towers but we were assured they are not. A great tour everywhere, distillery, cooperage, warehouse etc. we took our group here – the Malt Whisky Association of Finland. We spent two hours, split into 2 groups, tasting and distillery tour, then swapped around, it was exceptional, thanks to all there. https://www.lochlomondwhiskies.com/