Why is our whisky blog called the ANGEL’S BLOG?

Named after a few things really, the angel’s share; the amount of alcohol (whisky) that is lost to evaporation when the liquid is being aged in oak barrels. Up to 2% (in Scotland) of the volume of the cask can be lost each year through evaporation, called the angel’s share. Paul’s dad; he has been an angel for some 60 years or so, liked a dram when he was with us (I was told by my Uncle Harry) and I believe he is still taking his share in that distillery in the sky. No, not Heaven Hill, that is American and worldly, the other heavenly distillery with a unique membership policy. Our Paul; he writes almost all of the whisky blogs, with a few being from friends around the whisky world now and then. Club Patron (it did used to be a club) is another Maclean, this time of the Charlie variety; Charles Maclean. We know Charlie well (cousin) early on Paul (McLean) asked Charlie if he wished to become a club member, his reply; “Yes and I will be your Club Patron”.  And so it came to pass … you can find him here; https://whiskytours.scot/charlie

Liz Charlie Maclean and Paul
charlie boy

Our blogs https://whiskytours.scot/blog are a blend of interviews, product launches and information, stories and observations, many of which are Paul’s views, good or bad, Paul is no literary giant, mostly he struggles with grammar etc, so Liz often amends his work. He writes as if he is talking to you, we have had so many people on tour and email, saying they prefer it this way, so – he carries on! This is quite ironic when he numbers amongst his friends authors Charlie Maclean and Ingvar Ronde – who DO write whisky books (Very well). Not only does he continually write these whisky blogs (and whiskey blogs), but also does every blog for our McLeanScotland web; http://mcleanscotland.com At the top of this blog you will see an angel reading a whisky book … or is it Paul’s blog?

So, if you like this drivel he writes, carry on logging in every week, as Liz will place another online, sometimes monthly when he is away on tour. Afraid there is no stopping him, maybe it’s something to do with being a west coast child of Scottish/Irish blend? They do tend to chat a bit.