Paul donders on here about one of his favourite places; Tullibardine Distillery was built in 1949 and sits at the foot of the Ochil Hills right on the line where the highlands of Scotland begin just half an hour from ma hoose. The water source for this distillery is the surrounding hills where they use crystal purity of their spring water that flows down the hills. The distillery produces the Tullibardine range of single malt whiskies grand in themselves, but – during one visit and a chat with Sabine, I fell in love, with … The Murray Châteauneuf du Pape finish. This is a part of the award-winning Marquess Collection and joins the collection’s existing expressions which include the industry renowned Murray 2004 and 2005. The Marquess Collection is named after Highland Jacobite Sir William Murray, the 2nd Marquess of Tullibardine and is tribute to the brand’s heritage. It is an ongoing collection, which I love dearly, my wee whisky children if you like.  I have waxed lyrical about the “de pape” to anyone who will listen. Just before Christmas, Sabine called me to say she had a bottle or two on offer, I grabbed the case! Andy our pal/driver guide was coming to Perth fae Glasgow and he picked them up. He went home with two by the way! The Tullibardine range is normally what we sample on our tours there, a private tasting experience in their superb bar, out of the way of prying eyes, we can sometimes dram away up to seven examples of Tully’s offerings, wee drams of course! We like them and they like us!

Tullibardine recently unveiled the newest addition – the Tullibardine 15 year old exceptional single malt, distilled after the reopening of the distillery in 2003 and has been carefully matured in first fill bourbon barrels, under the watchful eye of Tullibardine’s Master Distiller Keith Geddes. It boasts a range of aromas and flavours. On the nose is delicate dried hay and parma violets, with touches of baked apple, cloves and vanilla ice-cream, all the things you loved when a bairn. Then there’s notes of freshly baked scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, with delicate spices. With a finish of subtle nuttiness, this whisky is a stroll down memory lane, for me anyhow..

Once this terrible virus lock down ends, I will be one of the first people rushing in, as will many of the tours we have on hold. If you wish to join us, contact me;