Welcome to the theatre (Scotland). MCLEANSCOTLAND, in partnership with WHISKY TOURS, invites you to the Theatre of Drams, in an historic country called Scotland. With a promise to deepen engagement with whisky fans and friends from around the world.

The Theatre of Drams provides an unique way to access and engage with the water of life and all it represents. Using interactive features that encapsulate the passion, drama, history and values of Scotch whisky. These attractions including: taking whisky to a new level, allowing lovers of the dram to advance and develop through different levels on a private tour. The experience that can be continually updated and enjoyed by all ages over 18 (in Scotland, the drinking age). MCLEANSCOTLAND and WHISKY TOURS, celebrating more than 28 years of the pursuit of the dram and commemorating seminal moments in the drinks’ rich and remarkable story. The Theatre of Drams also includes a large selection of whisky to try and a dining experience.

MCLEANSCOTLAND and WHISKY TOURS, are one of the best whisky tour companies in the world. Success has been enjoyed both on tour and in the distilleries.  Partner Liz came up with the phrase “you drink we drive” many years past and it has stuck. We’re a bespoke tour company, give us your wish list and we design a tour for you. We arrange everything from a couple of days, a couple of weeks, standard and complete luxury, all involve drams and fun! We cover the whole of Scotland – mainland and the isles.

A review by Ingvar Ronde, author of the Malt Whisky Year Book & Keeper of the Quaich                     “Hi Paul. Back in Sweden and delighted to find my wonderful lab still recognises me (as does my wife). I think we had a brilliant tour, in fact the best ever, and as always it´s a pleasure being on the roads with you. Apart from being a great companion, you share so much about Scottish history and culture which you know I´m always keen to learn more about. I liked in particular the scenery going from Ballachulish to Tyndrum in Glencoe – a road I´d never travelled before. The best views I´ve ever had in Scotland. Also enjoyed Kilmartin very much. Glad I took pictures of the plates (or signs of what ever you call them) so that I could read them thoroughly later to find out about the very early years of Scottish history. I think we have a solid plan for next year so let´s keep in touch about that. Thanks and speak soon”.  Ingvar

As one guest told us:  Liz-I really cannot express how awesome you guys made this trip. At no time did we feel a part of a canned experience. It was friendly, accommodating and everything we could have dreamed about. I have already been singing your praises and have referred several people to your website to inquire about tours. You guys have given me the best vacation I can remember in a very long time. For the first time ever, it was difficult to want to return home, for all of us. In fact, to be honest my son and his twin sister are serious about wanting me to look for a property somewhere in the Speyside region for a bed and breakfast. We will have to see about that, but I definitely will be returning.

And another; Paul and Liz are an absolute joy to communicate with. Both are professional, knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and awesome with communication. It was because of Paul’s demeanor via email communication, that I chose you guys for our tour. The way you and Paul communicate is vastly different from the other 7 companies that I contacted for the tour. The tour schedule was WOW!! So detailed, well planned, organized and thought out. You guys truly listened and tried your hardest to schedule events tailored to our wants and it definitely showed! Thank you Whisky Tours McLean Scotland for creating and delivering the Tour of a Lifetime!! I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend this company for your Scotch whisky tour!! Thank you again for everything!

Does it get much better than that?

For YOUR Theatre of Drams tour, contact Liz or Paul at info@whiskytours.scot