The escapee Irish, the divels in the pack, how did they escape? With family over there in the Emerald Isle, I do visit as often as possible, all parts of Hibernia get a calling, from the Republic in the south to the six counties in the north – so many new places to visit these days. I must get a small group together with pal Mark driving (so I can drink) and get a tour started. Lickin ma lips, I wrote this …

Dungourney 1964 Pot Still is from the Old Midleton Distillery, distilled in 1964 and bottled in 1994, this 30 Year-Old is a limited edition pot still whiskey. It is named Dungourney, after the river that had fed the old distillery. In 1994, the Master Distiller, Barry Crockett – any relation to davey? –  made a rare discovery when making his rounds of casks at the Old Midleton Distillery (in warehouse number 11 ) where his father, Max Crockett, had been Master Distiller. It was a cask not identified on his stock charts. The cask had been laid down 30 years earlier, in 1964, and had escaped enumeration on the commissioning of the new distillery and thus we have Dungourney 1964 Pot Still Whiskey. Some sources say there was just one cask but given that this has been matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and the production run was more than 1200 bottles then there were more likely 3 or more barrels – who really knows, eh Barry.

Coleraine 34 year old Irish Single Malt a very rare Irish Single Malt produced from the closed Coleraine Distillery. The distillery itself was converted from a manorial mill and started producing malt whisky in 1825. The distillery ceased production in 1964 and was completely shut down in 1972. This whisky was distilled in 1959 and matured for 34 years and bottled in 1993 from a single cask at cask strength. A limited edition of only 400 bottles. I last saw this at €4,000, does anyone care to share a sample with me?

Jameson Pre Prohibition, is a Jameson Pure Old Pot Still produced by the Old Jameson Distillery in Bow Street, Dublin. The bottle dates back to 1915, a pre Prohibition Whiskey that has made its way back onto the Irish Market. My question is, how? Where is it? How much is it? Does anyone know anything about it?

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey This is a new release from the Connacht Whiskey Distillery which has been carefully blended. This is a 4 year old grain whiskey with a port finish at 43%.  Ballyhoo is light in colour with a gentle sweet vanilla and almond nose, finishing with a spicy kick. It’s a limited edition and one I cannee find!

Burke’s 14 Year Old Single Malt Single Cask. A first release from the (Mr Teeling) Great Northern Distillery, whiskey that was distilled elsewhere 14 years ago – who knows where? This is a single cask release and very limited in numbers. Bottled at 59% and currently exclusive to the Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dublin, any comments? Jack Teeling himself. “Now that we’re in production, our core role in Irish whiskey is innovation,” he says. “Now we can have fun.” I have been there on a visit, met the famous man himself and enjoyed my stay – family are doon the road

Ciaran Mulgrew the founder of The Quiet Man. You may be wondering where that name comes from. His father, John Mulgrew, spent 50 years working as a barman in the pubs of Belfast. I have been chattin to Ciaran many years now, his da, he said “He had this quiet way about him which people seemed to respect”. So when Ciaran started making whiskey years later, there was only one person to name it after: John Mulgrew, The Quiet Man, or in Irish, ‘An Fear Ciuin’. To this day The Quiet Man remains Irish owned and operated, and proudly independent, it’s no hard to get hold of, but I wanted to add it to my list, mentioned this to Liz, “never seen or heard of it” was her answer to my “you must have seen the film”, och well. It’s to be found in Derry, aye; Derry Mark!