Mortlach Distillery

  • the bar collection at Ross Murray's bar in Elgin


Paul McLean is talking to Mr Ross Murray, whisky collector Connie and Ross are the owners of The Mansfield Hotel, Elgin.  Ross and I arranged a meeting for a whisky chat. The hotel has been, owner managed, for over 27 years (and it shows). So I am coming into the story a wee bit late. [...]

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  • one of my favourite places Edradour distillery Scotland


HOW MUCH WHISKY IS IN SCOTLAND AT ANY ONE TIME? Not including those in my hoose. Have you ever wondered how much whisky there is just lying about in Scotland? I have. Let me guess this bit, say there is an average of 400 litres per cask (I know some are smaller and some larger) [...]

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  • Seven deadly sins whisky

Blending whisky with music

Whisky tasting with a background noise Just for a change, blending a dram with music. I was bored one night … From the classic Mortlach, Glendronach, Glenmorangie brigade, try this out;  Break on through to the other side – Jameson Stout finish, a beautiful wee number, velvety, smooth, doesnee bite you all the way doon [...]

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