Monday Morning Blues – Definitely NOT!

Well how could it be? Monday morning we headed along to Edradour Distillery, aiming for a private 10am tour, we arrived at 9.35! As we fell out of the car and stood aboot the car park, I noticed Annette and Andrew wandering out of the house and heading our way. I have known them ages and they never fail to create an interesting chat. Andrew dondered over and we chatted this and that, John drove in, Andrew waved him over “you may as well take them now, what’s 15 minutes?”

So up to distillery two we went, I had been before but Ando hadnee, it is a carbon copy (stills etc) of distillery 1 but more spread out and  much easier access. After John’s tour we hit the bar, as usual Andrew was chatty and brought over a dram to try. Why does this always happen when I am the driver? Anyhow, dram time over we went to the shop, far too much choice here, I resisted this time for once, holding on to my wallet, Ando couldnee. Annette was chatty and the staff as usual friendly and smiling. This distillery is dangerous, it’s a half hour from home! Happy days, what a way to start the day. And what of the remainder? …

Why Daft question. We drove into Fife to Daft Mill Distillery. I had arranged this with Francis, a wee gem of a place. He took us around very slowly, so much info, humour and honesty in his tour. He is passionate about his whisky, even if he only works a few months a year – he is a full time farmer by the way. A good experience, Francis is not in this for the money, no, it is more than a hobby, it’s a passion and he revels in it, this much a blind man can see. We chatted about the sun battered summer and the effect on the barley – which by the way Edrington get the majority of. He sends his barley away for malting, and is guaranteed to get his OWN barley back, very good. This tour and relaxation was by no means daft at all.

I think we should rename this; Whisky Monday Excitement. Until next time, let the Angels enjoy their share, let me enjoy mine, see you later Dad.