Lead on MacDuff – open the door to outstanding whiskies

The HOUSE OF MACDUFF  specialise in bottling a range of single cask scotch whiskies under The Golden Cask brand; blended malts by batch under The Selkie brand, with Burns Nectar single malt and Blend No 888 blended Scotch Whisky. The Cumbrae Supply Company dates back to the 1950s when the ‘world’s smallest bottle’ was a private enterprise run out of a garage in Millport. Thereafter it was owned by the Paisley Whisky Co Ltd until 1987 when we the MacDuff family purchased it. With a move of premises and a small bonded facility they began to acquire stock and bottle own brands.  In 2013 a further move took them to Renfrew and developing The House of MacDuff brands. The Cumbrae Supply / House of MacDuff  are based in Renfrew near Glasgow, Scotland. We would like to introduce this lesser known company to our friends …

Golden Cask series include;  Auchroisk 17 Years £65.00  Light, floral, frest. Slightly grassy. It has a nice mouth feel which permiates seamlessly to the top of the throat. Good pre-prandial, nice fresh aftertaste and finish. Distilled 01/01/1997  Bottled 03/09/2014  Outturn 269 Age 17 Years. Cask Nº CM209

Bowmore 13 year old £98.00  Nose: floral, fresh, malty with a hint of smoke.Taste: Smoky, fruity, peaty and slightly dry. Finish: long and full. Aftertaste: lingering and pleasant. Distilled 30/06/2000 Bottled 01/09/2014 Outturn 300 Cask Nº CM201

Caol Ila 13 Years old £90.00 Nose: peaty/smoky/medicinal. Taste: dry/smoky/well balanced and rounded. Finish: Superb, brilliant and satisfying. Aftertaste: lovely, long and beautiful. Distilled 09/03/2001 Bottled 02/09/2014 Outturn 145 Cask Nº CM207

One of Paul’s favourites; Dailuaine 18 Years £76.00 The nose is fruity with sweet raisins and herbs. This one tastes like the quintessential Speyside, full of heather, honey and ‘Life’. Great finish and long aftertaste. Distilled 17/09/1996 Bottled 13/02/2015 Outturn 267 Cask Nº CM211

Glendullan 15 Years old £63.00 Sweet, honey and floral from Dufftown. Very much a pre-prandial beverage. Nice mouth feel and taste is delicate. No hint of smoke but a suggestion of earthiness. Good aftertaste and long finish. Distilled 06/10/1999 Bottled 28/04/2015 Outturn 186 Cask Nº CM220

Aye they have more, these are a few that I would quite happily drink today. Blend Nº888  £20.00 plays on the idea of being a lucky drink, reminiscent of blends from the past it has a comparatively high malt content and hints of honey. Burns Nectar £26.00 A long established highland single malt whisky, this “guid auld Scotch drink” is soft and sweet on the palate with a hint of honey & nutty flavours. Crafted to appeal to all whisky drinkers and make raising a “cup o’ kindness” to the Bard a truly merry experience. Selkie Batch Nº 002 £40.00 Batch Number 2 includes 1995 Macallan, 1996 Aultmore, and 1996 Glenlivet amongst other select whiskies.This blend of malts has a rich gold colour and a nose of fragrant herbs, esters and cut flowers. The taste is spicy, sweet and fruity with a big character.

MCLEANSCOTLAND will be tasting a selection of these drams in the near future – Paul McLean.