Holly and her pal with whisky

HOLLY SEIDEWAND – Her name is Holly and she loves whisk(e)y. Having spent a few months in Scotland to start, then Ireland, Kentucky/Tennessee  more recently Japan and Tasmania. A girl who loves whisky so much she starting blogging then travelling and now a welcome addition to our blogs. Holly’s blog name “Her Whisky Love” made sense, she will be going to the largest whisky producers in the world to spend time with them and learn their ways…. In the meantime here is a blog she wrote about us;

Ultimate dram and whisk(e)y tours with McLean Scotland. January 24, 2017.  As with many of my whisky connections, the world of social media has played a part and introduced me to many people I probably would have never met. Paul and I somehow crossed paths and he wrote to me about blog sharing. I know it may seem simple to travel, visit a distillery and then write about it, but it is a lot of work. I’m not saying it’s the hardest job. I get to travel the world and try new drams and brands, but it is very time consuming to get things as accurate as possible and to write an interesting story. It is hard to keep a blog going, especially since it definitely can’t the bills anymore. In-between all of my distillery visits I have found it quite helpful to look outside of the physical brand and distilleries and learn how other parts of the industry work. Paul and McLean’s is no exception.  TO READ THE FULL BLOG click on this link http://www.herwhiskylove.com/single-post/2017/01/24/Ultimate-dram-and-whiskey-tours-with-McLean-Scotland

You will find Holly here http://www.herwhiskylove.com  she has lots of blogs, some we shall be sharing with you.  I do love this one from Japan … Chichibu probably wasn’t the best distillery to start my Japanese Whisky tour at, because now not much can live up to it. I was fortunate enough to have the lovely Gemma from Balvenie connect me with the Chichibu brand ambassador for a private visit of the facility.  GO AND READ IT ON HER WEBSITE.