Our friends over in Vancouver Island, Canada, had another great whisky tasting!

Our hosts

Friends of the Quaich and The Gentle Glens attended the Summer Annual BBQ on August 23rd 2016

Much thanks to Kathleen and Bob Drinkwater for choosing great whiskies and  for an excellent evening and to all those who helped to make the event a great success.

Our tastings


aberfeldy-12-year-old-whisky40% ABV
Nose: Creamy. Some sherried fruit with a trailing hint of smoke.
Palate: Sweet, malty, a gentle peat but nonetheless the mouth feel is very clean and smooth, excellent dram for a sunny evening on the patio.
Finish: Malt, a faint hint of citrus

The site of this distillery was chosen for its supply of good water and the railway that links it to Perth. The small locomotive is still on the distillery site.

Glenfarclas 105

glenfarclas-105-single-malt-scotch60% ABV
Nose: Great depth, sherry. Creamy and nutty. Thick Honey on toast, touch of smoky coffee.
Palate: Silken, spicy and peppery oak. Almond, praline, hazelnut, dried peels, fruity. Touch of Armagnac, hint of fine aged wine perhaps?
Finish: Long, peppery and nutty  (Cheers, Mike)
Most of us felt this was a great dram but would have been a brilliant dram at 46% ABV.

The 105 signifies a Scotch 8 to 10 years old from my reference books. The distillery has been Family operated for six generations.

We can take you to Aberfeldy Distillery as part of your Scottish Whisky Tour ask paul@mcleanscotland.co.uk