Whisky distillery interview with Sally-Anne Cooney, Boann Distillery

WHISKY INTERVIEW with Sally – Anne Cooney, Boann Distillery, Drogheda, Ireland I stayed a couple of nights in Drogheda, it was only right I should visit this new distillery. A little bit of local history was made in Drogheda when the copper pot whiskey stills were delivered to the new Boann Distillery. The three nano-copper [...]

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In search of a patron

When I approached Charlie to ask about being an angel, he replied, "Yes, but I will be your Patron!" ... what could I say? Another Maclean signed up" Paul McLean, Angels. Charlie has been researching and writing books & articles about whisky since 1981, he insisted on being Patron, who are we to say no? [...]

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Interview with Iain McAlister, Glen Scotia Distillery

Distillery manager Iain McAlister, from Campbeltown has worked at the distillery for over 9 years and is very hands on in the day to day production of the Glen Scotia spirit. Managing a small team of only 7 the distillery ‘, Q  what did you do in this industry before GS?  A Glen Scotia Distillery [...]

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