Time to do away with the dram

Time to do away with the dram by Matt Healy over in the Emerald Isle Explore why Matt believes that we should do away with the dram in Irish whiskey and embrace our own native culture when it comes to Irish whiskey. As many of you know, Scotch whisky holds the top spot for whisky [...]

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Whisky isn’t rocket science

ALL ABOOT THE DRAM – it’s not rocket science. Other countries produce whisky (or, whiskey) but it is Scotch whisky that has caught the world's imagination, resulting in an industry that today supports over 40,000 jobs across the UK (including ours); each year adding £5bn or more to the UK's taxes; and contributes almost £4bn [...]

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Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon & MacPhail The shop on South Street, Elgin is a real gem, more than whisky, champagne, wines, spirits and a fab deli with chocolates! Their warehouses hold many casks, in fact from over 100 distilleries around Scotland, including closed distilleries! Founded by James Gordon and John MacPhail it is now a whisky household name. [...]

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Whisky or WhiskEy

Another Irish trip into the golden nectar for Paul, with homage to John Teeling. Is it Whisky or Whiskey? The difference between the two is the spelling of whisky. Scotch whisky is spelt without the E, Irish Whiskey is spelt with an E. Och, it goes back a long way to when the Irish wanted [...]

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Irish whiskey v Scottish whisky

Irish v Scots whisk(e)y. Paul is away with the Irish! Pot still Irish can only be made in a pot still from a single distillery, as is single malt. What makes it Irish whiskey? - the mix of malted & unmalted barley in the mash, which gives it a spicy end. This was the main Irish style [...]

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Blending whisky with music

Whisky tasting with a background noise Just for a change, blending a dram with music. I was bored one night … From the classic Mortlach, Glendronach, Glenmorangie brigade, try this out;  Break on through to the other side – Jameson Stout finish, a beautiful wee number, velvety, smooth, doesnee bite you all the way doon [...]

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Michael John D’souza – Paul John Distillery, Goa, India

Paul chats to Michael John D'souza, Master Distiller/Blender John Distilleries Pvt Ltd, Goa-INDIA. Michael, many thanks for the “blether”.  We have known each other a good few years now and time for an online chat I thought, well overdue. https://whiskytours.scot/interview-michael-john-dsouza  You started in John Distilleries in 1993, in 2007 you were appointed to set up [...]

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Macallan Distillery

THE NEW MACALLAN DISTILLERY (CATHEDRAL) The visit; I have been before but only into the ground floor and that is vast, to me - this is a Cathedral of Whisky with many stained glass bottles.  Today is my first full visit, a whole new experience opened up. I must say it is sometimes hard [...]

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Which whisky distillery has the best food?

Which whisky distillery offers the best food? Having been to many, many whisky distilleries, which one has the best food on offer? Ardbeg for me takes top dog, a fabulous menu, with tempting starters, mains and puddins! Their menu includes great fish plates, seafood, burgers, surf & turf and deserts. It reads like a big [...]

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Jim Swan, The Whisky Man

Dr Jim Swan – everyone’s favourite whisky expert? Dr Jim Swan passed away February 2017, sadly missed by many.  “Jim was my mentor, he changed my life” Charlie Maclean. The man was a legend, am told he was an expert particularly in all aspects of wood. I never met him, he was maybe best known [...]

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