When you need a break from a smoky dram, and we all do at times, me? When I am driving on tour, I usually drink softs, juice and now smoky tea!  So what’s it all about? Based in London, Roqberry is an award winning tea set out to bring excitement to your daily cuppa. Fearless foodies and seasoned travellers that we are, we’re here to explore the fascinating thing that is tea. Tea is exciting, versatile. tastes delicious hot or cold, comes in all shapes, flavours and sizes. It mingles amazingly well with a thrilling range of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers and even though it’s been around forever, is still brimming with potential. TEA  ‘blending the rules’. To successfully blend the rules, you must have a knowledge of tea and quality and a keen zeal for foods and flavours. Blend the two together and you get fresh expressions of classic blends, extraordinary new fusions, forgotten artisan varieties deserving a wider audience –in biodegradable pyramid teabags. So we introduce The Big Smoke, at £6.00  a box of 18 bags, it’s not cheap but then again, neither is a good smoky whisky! Smoky and sophisticated malty black tea capturing a lively spirit. Wake up to the biggest, baddest, smokiest breakfast blend of them all.  I took it along to my local pub – they do serve teas, coffees and chocolate etc, Karen was my Guinea pig (sorry Karen), she boiled the water dunked in the t bag and waited. Aye she says, I could get to like that.  I tried a few others, much the same, not forgetting none of my pals here had actually paid for it. Smoky from the Big Smoke, very apt eh!

I have around (well, triangles) 10 bags left to take on tour with me, a nice break from the real smoky drams. I tried it aye, smoky it is, it could become a popular side effect on tours. In May I am away to Islay and then Talisker, this will be coming with me to be sure … smokin!

Roqberry Ltd. 52-53 The Mall, London W5 3TA, United Kingdom  www.roqberry.com/contact