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Ancient Scots, with my emphasis on Argyll & Whisky

The Epidii were a people of ancient Britain, known from a mention of them by the geographer Ptolemy c. 150. Epidion has been identified as the island of Islay in what is now Argyll. Ptolemy does not list a township for the Epidii  but the Ravenna Cosmography (RC 108.4) mentions Rauatonium, which is thought [...]

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The story of Teacher’s whisky

The story of Teacher’s whisky dates back to more than 175 years, when the new ‘Excise Act’ was introduced and William Teacher was a 19 year old, former cotton mill worker with an uncompromising attitude and whole barrelful of self belief.  The 1823 Excise Act altered the shape of the spirits industry. Only around [...]

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Hyde Whiskey

Trying to Hyde my feelings The HYDE family have been involved in the Irish drinks business for over twelve generations since 1640. HYDE is presidential quality Irish whiskey named in honour of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde. President Hyde was an inspirational figure who helped to define Ireland’s national identity. Now then, on [...]

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New Scottish Whisky Distilleries

Let me start with the one closest to where I live … Eden Mill, who are producing already near St Andrews, revealed plans for a carbon neutral single malt whisky distillery. The £10 million plan will bring visitors to their home in Guardbridge, St. Andrews in 2022. Their land is within the University of [...]

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A missing link on Orkney

Wideford Distillery - Wideford Distillery was located about two miles from Kirkwall on the slopes of Wideford Hill and on the Burn of Hatston, which was likely its' water source. Wideford was licensed to Mr W. Traill in 1813 and he distilled there until its closure in 1825. In 1825 it closed, cannee find [...]

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Tullibardine – a personal friend of Paul

Paul donders on here about one of his favourite places; Tullibardine Distillery was built in 1949 and sits at the foot of the Ochil Hills right on the line where the highlands of Scotland begin just half an hour from ma hoose. The water source for this distillery is the surrounding hills where they [...]

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Heavenly Intervention

St Margaret's, in Aberlour, will unveil the St Margaret of Scotland bottling at this May's Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. Just 260 bottles of the cask strength single malt from Auchroisk will be available, each signed and numbered. The whisky, chosen unanimously at a blind tasting by a panel of experts, celebrates the life [...]

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A tasting on tour – the Blind Swiss

Being biased doesn’t exclude our taste in whisky. Some people say they dislike a certain brand or style, based on a previous experience. Tasting “blind” refers to tasting without knowledge of a whisky’s identity and is a great way to become a better 'taster', develop your senses, and learn more about your own whisky [...]

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