We love …

taking you on relaxed, guided whisky tours, visiting as many Scottish distilleries as you wish  Our guests tell us our tours are an experience rather than a holiday!  Come and enjoy the best of Scottish hospitality from the moment you arrive to the moment you (sadly leave) – you drink, we drive!

Who We Are

Paul – owned and ran advertising agencies before tourism. Having discerning taste buds and a wealth of information. his passion for Scotland make him an ideal driver/guide. (He even make’s history interesting, says Liz!). He knows where to go for those impromptu whisky tastings!

Liz the organiser and brains, however it was only a few years ago she stopped making hot toddies and realised whisky’s true value. She now appreciates the perfect dram and if it passes Liz’s “whoo hoo” test, it’s a winner! She still hates peat!

A dynamic duo best friends and perfect hosts – you’ll soon feel like family.  Scots are well known for their warmth and enthusiasm and both  share a love for the country and a passion for delicious drams.  Arrive a guest, go home a friend!

Who else is on board ….

Charlie & Paul Macleans paul is the one without the tash

Paul McLean drinking with renowned whisky expert Charles MacLean – the Patron of their whisky club. Paul’s the one without the tash!

Paul and Liz tasting the amber nectar

Liz and Paul sampling Charlie’s drams at the Glenlivet Distillery

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Derek driving some of our Speyside whisky tours.  He’s a real expert in his field, a true Scottish gent, having spent nearly 30 years with Gordon & McPhail. Derek, now in retirement loves nothing more than showing our guests around the distilleries in Speyside, sharing his passion over beers and drams.


Ron, based in Perth, is a Water Bailiff on Scottish rivers, so if you are looking for whisky & fishing, he’s your man. Hes been working for us for years taking small groups around Scottish distilleries, pubs – you name it, he’ll find it for you!  Ron knows Scotland really well and like Paul, is passionate about his country.  He has been know to partake of a dram or two!

Diageo master Vic Cameron. Vic (a good friend of ours), left Diageo after 23 years to work in the church. His first whisky post was Production Manager at Blair Athol & Aberfeldy Distilleries, before moving into the malting division as Operations Manager at Burghead and Roseisle Maltings. In his time with Diageo Vic also completed his Diploma in Distilling with the IBD and sat on a number of industry committees including the Technical Committee of the MAGB, the UK NIR Grain Network and the Barley Committee. He is Senior Teacher with Edinburgh Whisky Academy, Whisky Lecturer with the University of the Highlands and Islands. In addition to running his church, he also writes a monthly whisky article for the Northern Scot and contributes to various blogs. And – works alongside MCLEANSCOTLAND. The High Priest of the Dram.

Mark Burgess, an excellent Scottish driver

Mark has driven coach tours for us in Scotland and Ireland, he also drive/guides small tours in both countries, a true Scot currently living in Belfast.

In a past life he transferred to the RCT when his British Army Regiment joined the Gordon Highlanders. Former Infantry at Queens Own Highlanders, he hails originally from Speyside, so he knows his way around whisky distilleries, he should do, his dad worked in one!

Andrew Goodall (Glasgow) an ex Royal Marines Commando, served in Belize, Gibraltar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Egypt and Norway.  When not on tour he works on protection vessels, having a complete understanding of the specifics of ships security, vessel structure and layout.  Andy is very passionate about Scotland and customer service,  you are in good hands and safe on tour with Andy!

Ian Smyth, one of our favourite driver guides. Ian has spent so many years in the tourism industry, driving tours and many, many coach groups. A really nice guy, as all our drivers are, he knows his way around Scotland, always chatty and smiling, our pal!  You’ll learn a lot about our fabulous country and enjoy his company.

Our latest addition to the mcleanscotland/whisky tours crew: David Sutherland Nisbet.  David is retired from the Black Watch Regiment and driving tours for us when needed.

Walking/Climbing Guided Tours – whisky or touring,  just let us know your preferences. David will look after you very well, just like all our drivers. He has a great sense of humour and historical aptitude,  He makes up now three ex soldiers working on our team and we are happy to have him.