I’ve just toured a superb new distillery, just outside Grantown on Spey. They knew I was coming, and really nice, upon arrival everyone said hello, knew my name and used it, nice touch. I was sat doon with a cup of tea and waited for Andy, he came presently and we had a long half hour chat, I learned a lot. My tour was then starting; this is super new and modern, I loved it. If you can imagine a tour at Knockdhu (an cnoc), then come here – you have just experienced both ends of the scale, Knockdhu is also one of my favourites to tour. Back to the Cairn. A well done video wall to start.

For this old fud with legs giving out, thankfully there are lifts! Up to the first floor, mash, wash backs and stills all in a circular space, and – with plenty of room for additions, so well thought out. I thought every thing so far was good, but then we came downstairs (myself in the lift) and saw the parts you don’t normal see, another video room, more great details, then the lift again to the second floor for the tasting room. What a grand room, what views, and drams from G&M, I had three blends, they got better as the ages went up. A good time here (I took the drams home as I was driving) back down to the gathering, food and drinks!!! The menu is really good, as too the drinks menu, soft drinks, wines and whiskies. Andy came back and we have another chat, there will be some bookings going in from our tours this year, from two guests to a group of 18 later on.

My ending to this blog; I really enjoyed the whole experience, if taking a whisky tour in Speyside (with us or no), this distillery is a MUST. Book online at https://www.thecairndistillery.com