Guided whisky tours
in Scotland

Sample delicious whiskies whilst we whisk you around distilleries

  • The REAL Scotland
  • Knowledgeable & friendly drivers
  • Stress-free, personal tours
  • Tasty local cuisine in friendly places
  • Luxurious and homely accommodation

Whether you feel like a weekend of whiskies or a tour getting right into the heart of our whisky, we’re the people for you. We work with you every step of the way to create a bespoke whisky tour.  We take you to distilleries, arranging tours to suit beginners and connoisseurs. We host fabulous tastings, whisky dinners and whisky schools.  All transport and accommodation is prearranged, from lovely local guest houses, to 5 star castles – booked by us, with care. With over thirty years experience and our extensive contacts in the whisky industry ensure you enjoy the best of Scottish hospitality, from the moment you arrive until your final dram. You drink, we drive!

A review by Ingvar Ronde, author of the Malt Whisky Year Book  & Keeper of the Quaich

“Hi Paul. Back in Sweden and delighted to find my wonderful lab still recognises me (as does my wife). I think we had a brilliant tour, in fact the best ever, and as always it´s a pleasure being on the roads with you. Apart from being a great companion, you share so much about Scottish history and culture which you know I´m always keen to learn more about. I liked in particular the scenery going from Ballachulish to Tyndrum in Glencoe – a road I´d never travelled before. The best views I´ve ever had in Scotland. Also enjoyed Kilmartin very much. Glad I took pictures of the plates (or signs of what ever you call them) so that I could read them thoroughly later to find out about the very early years of Scottish history. I think we have a solid plan for next year so let´s keep in touch about that. Thanks and speak soon”.   Ingvar –

Paul Liz and Charlie

Liz and Paul with Charlie MacLean

First time we used MCLEANSCOTLAND  They were honest about what we would be able to see. It truly was a vacation of a lifetime. It was everything we dreamed about! And we saw as much of Scotland that we could possibly fit in 10 days. Forward five years – we decided to do a whisky tour with them. They did all the driving, so many distilleries, so many laughs, drank so much whisky and had the time of our lives. Our whole trip was truly magical!  There are not enough stars to give Liz and Paul the rating they deserve.  Nicole Miller, USA The best tours ever!! Absolutely perfect. ❤️

Valerie Denny recommends MCLEANSCOTLAND for a tour of the Malt Whisky Trail; Forbes Magazine. Malt Whisky Trail in Forbes Magazine.

TravelDew Article on Whisky Tours by Paul Mclean

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Paul McLean is from Connel on the shores of beautiful Loch Etive in Argyll, Scotland. This ‘West Coast Wanderer’ was raised in a land of natural beauty, complete with a history that can rival pretty much anywhere in Scotland.  An interview with Paul …

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