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Monster Mash

Every time I am on a distillery tour and enter the mash room, I cannee stop humming the famous old tune;  The zombies were having fun. The party had just begun. The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula and his son. The scene was rockin', all were digging the sounds, Igor on chains, backed by his [...]

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  • whisky tasting with vic cameron

Vikings, Kilts, Helmets & Whisky

Vikings, Kilts, Helmets & Whisky Who exactly are the Boys?   I met them last year and again this year with my whisky tours on Islay. I love the whisky names and the drams are no bad either. They are Mackay Smith from Portnahaven (a grand wee harbour community) and Donald MacKenzie from Port Charlotte [...]

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  • Yeast being turned

It’s the yeast we can do …

It’s the yeast we can do … You need yeast to make whisky, it is one of the three elements by law to make scotch. BUT - does the yeast have an effect on flavours in new make spirit?  Erm, what exactly is yeast?  Yeast is a single-celled fungus which comes in different species. [...]

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  • Spirit of Fortitude

Our best ever VIP whisky cruise

Just in case you think this the Caribbean, be assured that the picture above is in the Sound Iona, Scotland. The Spirit of Fortitude only carries 10 passengers plus  host staff.  It is a luxury 130 feet, tri deck super yacht with a gross tonnage of 199 tonnes brimming with character. The whisky lounge has been [...]

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  • Russian whisky

Will there be a Russian whisky tidal wave?

Is Russia silently producing vast amounts of whisky? If so, will it ever be seen in the west? These are thoughts from Paul McLean with input from his pal in Moscow; Tim. Paul and Tim have toured Scotland many, many times together, Paul as driver, they are good friends and Tim is much more of [...]

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What’s going on with Johnnie Walker?

Johnnie Walker has launched yet a new dram, this time a variation of Green Label blended malt, this one with a greater influence of smoky whisky from Caol Ila Distillery on Islay, this unaged blend includes Clynelish, Glenkinchie and Cardhu (it sounds very Game of Thrones!). JW Island Green will be available in one-litre bottles [...]

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  • Roe Distillery

Memories of George & the hero’s in Dublin

George Roe & Co helped build the golden era of Irish whiskey in the 19th century. Their distillery at Thomas Street in Dublin extended over 17 acres, Ireland's largest exporter of whiskey.  George Roe & Co and Guinness were the two biggest names in Dublin’s historic brewing and distilling quarter. Today there is a resurgence [...]

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  • Maclean brothers

Maclean brothers on a whisky challenge over the Atlantic

Three brothers plan to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic later this year. They launched their boat on Loch Lomond as a trial. Lachlan, 21, Ewan, 27, and Jamie MacLean, 25, from Edinburgh, will take part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December, rowing from the Canary Islands to the West Indies. First they [...]

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  • The Talisman

Wally Scott and the Talisman

QUALITY MALT AND GRAIN WHISKIES from Scotland, a high ratio of malt whiskies in the blend gives a smooth and rich whisky. The majority of the malt whiskies used in The Talisman come from Speyside, which adds to the soft character of the whisky. A complex bouquet of malt and fruits. Honey and vanilla flavours [...]

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Distell launch a blended malt

Scottish Leader Blended Malt is a limited edition, no-age-statement whisky bottled at 40% abv, which is said to offer ‘complex layers of rich sweet fruit, honey and vanilla’ with ‘peppery smokiness’ on the palate. Liezl Dippenaar, Scottish Leader’s global marketing manager, said: ‘The blending team, with nearly 400 years’ combined experience, contributed their specialist skills [...]

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