• Charles (Charlie) Maclean, our club Patron examines a Macallan

Macallan V Macallan

Macallan V Macallan A question we have been asked over and over; why do Macallan Indy bottler bottles sell less than Macallan Distillery bottles? After all, it is the same liquid. “Rare Macallan sells for £1.2 million at auction”  A bottle of the Macallan 1926 60-Year-Old presented in a unique bottle painted by the [...]

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  • Hendricks Gin Palace

Hendrick’s Gin Palace, oh all right then

Hendrick’s Gin Palace, oh all right then Located at (and owned by) William Grant & Sons’, the Girvan grain plant in Scotland, the palace has been designed to be a “playground for experimentation, invention & curiosity", so I am told. The facility includes two still houses - home to six stills, four Bennett stills [...]

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  • Charlie & Paul Macleans paul is the one without the tash

Why is our whisky blog called the ANGEL’S BLOG

Why is our whisky blog called the ANGEL’S BLOG? Named after a few things really, the angel’s share; the amount of alcohol (whisky) that is lost to evaporation when the liquid is being aged in oak barrels. Up to 2% (in Scotland) of the volume of the cask can be lost each year through [...]

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  • whisky sales

Whisky exports up again Whisky is still performing well around the world, when I say whisky, of course I mean whisky from Scotland. It is still the best dram in the world, looking at the details below, like me, you may find some surprises. According to figures from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), export [...]

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Kingsbarns Distillery launch a young dram

Kingsbarns Distillery launch a young dram In 2009 golf caddie Douglas Clement raised £100,000 funding to begin project to build distillery near St Andrews, followed in 2012 by a £670,000 Scottish Government grant. By 2013 the project still in need of funding, Clement sells the company to the Wemyss family in January, remaining as a [...]

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It’s the little things in life …

It’s the little things in life … I’ve lost count of the times I have heard this phrase, cannee think what most of the conversations were about but – none where about that little thing Littlemill whisky. I had a sample only the once and I liked it. My pal works for LL group [...]

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Barley enough space to tell you the full story

Barley enough space to tell you the full story Demand for single malt whisky has put intense pressure on distillers to get the highest yield possible from their barley. As we all know, it only takes 3 ingredients to produce a single malt whisky, barley is one but there is more to it than [...]

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  • Paddy Night

St Patrick’s Day 17 March

St Patrick’s Day 17 March It has to be done, Irish whiskey on the Holy Day. St. Patrick’s Day consists of the day/night of the seventeenth of March flavoured strongly with whiskey on the morning of the eighteenth.  To be sure I will be celebrating with the Irish Saint. Well then, time needs be taken [...]

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  • Paul Ingvar Ronde and Liz share a few drams

Why book a tour with us?

Why book a tour with us? Here are a few of the comments and feedback we receive … Appreciate you going above and beyond!  Paul and Liz are the very best at what they do! They planned an amazing trip for us way back in 2007. We sent two winners to from McLean's Pub [...]

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