Twenty Five years is an age

Seeing in 2022 MCLEANSCOTLAND will be welcoming 25 years in the tourism business, the last decade and a bit in the whisky tourism. Looking back, I didnee aim to be a whisky tour operator, I envisaged bringing people to Scotland, to see what a fantastic country it is, all its’ castles, lochs and glens, [...]

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  • Irish

The Irish who got away – or, never heard of

The escapee Irish, the divels in the pack, how did they escape? With family over there in the Emerald Isle, I do visit as often as possible, all parts of Hibernia get a calling, from the Republic in the south to the six counties in the north – so many new places to visit [...]

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Whisky originates from Ireland

Whisky expert Dave Broom, from Glasgow, says  Scotland’s national drink has its' origins in Ireland. He said there is “strong evidence” whisky may have been first developed in Ireland and brought to Islay, to be drunk at the seat of the High Kings (is he talking about the Macdonald’s?). Broom said: “If you look [...]

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Haggis, neeps & tatties with a dram or three

This is an interview with a friend, a Swede (in Scotland this is a neep). I first met Ingvar when we shared a table at awhisky event in Helsinki many moons ago. We seemed to hit it off right away and have met every year since.  He started coming on tour with some pals [...]

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The Alernative Whisky Bible

As in many avenues in life, there is always an alternative – here is mine. Paul McLean is the world’s most renowned independent whisky expert (in his own mind).  His Alternative Bible is the world’s newest whisky guide, with Paul having visited more distilleries in his own lunchtime than any other person who has [...]

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The Lakes Distillery – very reserved

Dhavall Gandhi is their whisky maker, “The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.1” by the way is an artistic exploration of maturation and blending; of flavour evolution and defining a sherry-led house style. We were lucky, we had samples for our delicate taste buds sent to us from the kind folks at the distillery. I was just [...]

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Art for arts sake, whisky for my sake

Christmas is just around the corner. After tramping round the shops for pressies, it becomes time for the whisky selections to your favourite people. How many times have you read the headline “the top ten whiskies to buy”?  Forget that list, any list. Art lies in the eye of the beholder. The best whisky [...]

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  • Ardgowan

A dram too far?

Planning permission has been granted for Ardgowan’s proposed site in Inverkip, on the banks of the River Clyde about 30 miles west of Glasgow, with construction set to begin in 2020. So in all honesty how can this be called a distillery release when said distillery HAS NOT BEEN BUILT! Nor even started! Max McFarlane, [...]

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  • Vic Cameron, preacher and whisky expert


This (interview) chat was with a pal I’ve know some years now, a hard one to be honest, as he is a part of the church and, me being Catholic, be careful what I ask!  Even so, it was fun. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Vic Cameron, and I [...]

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  • Caribbean Smooth

Dewar’s to launch Caribbean Smooth

an eight year old whisky blend finished in rum casks – as the first in a new series of ‘innovative’ blends set for release over the next few years.  The whisky has been finished in rum casks for ‘around six months’ before being bottled at 40% abv. Priced at US$21.99, Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth is available [...]

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